About Us!

We at Johnston Family Carriages are committed to making your special day ... exactly that ... "Special"! A day that you will fondly remember forever.
Our whole family is involved in that commitment! We pride ourselves on having well fed, well loved, well cared for, and happy horses!
Our staff is friendly and courteous ... and we genuinely enjoy our work!
It is our pleasure to help in making your wedding day one that dreams are made of!

Meet the staff ...


    Co Founder and Head of Operations for Johnston Family Carriages,
Jackie has been working with and showing horses for over 28 years. She began her passion for draft horses in 1997 with a Belgian team in Gilroy California,
and continued to drive professionally in Lake Tahoe California, until moving to Susanville in 2006. She is the main carriage driver and is responsible for the
development, design, operation, and improvement, of all services and events provided by Johnston Family Carriages. She is the Director of Sales and
Marketing and maintains all aspects of website development and internet publicity.


    Co Founder of Johnston Family Carriages,
Kenny is the backbone of this business, He maintains and restores all the horse drawn vehicles, trucks, trailers, and equipment at the ranch.
He assists with events, transporting, loading/unloading carriages and horses. We don't often get him on the back of a horse but he is a very intricate member of this team!
His newest project is restoring a sleigh from the ground up!


    Manager, Carriage Driver, and Trainer for Johnston Family Carriages,
Nicole has grown up around horses, riding before she could walk. She has been driving carriages and sleighs professionaly for over 7 years now. Her
personality is second to none and will have you laughing with her fun, witty, sense of humor! With her knack for development, she is working hard at
helping to bring the farm to a new level!


    Head of Design and Floral for Johnston Family Carriages,
Shelby is an asset to the business, with and exceptional eye for design and incredible talent in floral arrangements. She helps in the care and exercising of all our horses.
She is currently continuing her education at this time at Pacific Lutheran College.


    Head of Equine Maintainence and Future Driver/Trainer for Johnston Family Carriages,
Though the shortest member of this team, she is not be unnoticed. Faith is responsible for helping in the care, feeding, and grooming of all Johnston Family Carriages' horses … from the smallest, her pony “BumbleBee” all the way up to the biggest drafts! She rides, drives, and loves to bathe all of the horses.


Faith competing in the 2008 "Draft Horse Classic"
Congratulations Faith!

Colton and Trevor...

    Groundskeeping Exercising and General Help for Johnston Family
Both of our boys graduated Lassen HighSchool last year! Colton is attending Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz Calif. and Trevor is at Cal Poly
University In San Louis Obispo Calif. Congratulations to both of them! In Summer months, Trevor is often the coachman for weddings and is currnetly mastering his driving skills!


    Keeper of the cookies and treats!
Greg makes sure everyone is loved and has their fair share of treats and then some!




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