Our Horses

We use Big, Beautiful, Draft Horses for their incredible strength and kind gentle nature!
We don't hold ourselves to one specific breed, but rather look for individuals
with the characteristics and temperment required to be safe, stable, driving horses.
Our herd consists of Belgians, Shires, Percherons, and Clydesdales!

Our horses are part of our family first!, and working companions second. They are treated with kindness and respect!
When working they always have access to fresh water and are given an assortment of treats
(carrots, apples, alfalfa cubes, and grain) all throughout the day.
At home, they run free in pastures, on a 160 acre ranch in Milford California, with our other horses.
They are brushed, bathed, ridden, and cared for by everyone in our family!



Our beautiful English Shire mare "Winter's Blessing"
Winter is our most requested wedding horse with her stunning looks and ink black color!

"Samuel" our magnificant dapple grey Percheron
He is stunning in carriage or under saddle!

"Dagon" Our Clydesdale/Friesian cross
is a magnificiant display of both breeds!
Dagon will be added to our wedding line up in 2015

Our second English Shire "Emma"
Emma is used on our team wagons
Emma is also the mother of our Stallion 'Gershom"

"Tobias" (aka Teddy) is the group clown!
Teddy is a gorgeous bay Percheron
Teddy doesn't pull for us but is used for riding lessons and thereputic riding!

"Gershom" Our youn stallion!
Gershom, a fantastic English Shire
already a sire himself with his first foal born in 2013!






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